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I never even got the chance to try their bed. I called and asked for pricing, as no info was available online. I got a company history, a bunch of folderol and nonsense. All I wanted was a price range. Nothing doing. A passle of questions, a bunch more inanity and a firm request to take down the salesperson' s name. Too damned many answers. Pushy and overbearing. Add comment

Craftmatic has been investigated by 60 minutes and many more send an investigator and you will see their sales practice Add comment

  • Jun 10
  • Customer Service
  • Youngsville, Louisiana
  • Sales Manager
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The sales manager offered the bed for half price to customer to keep the bed how many people paid less than you class action suit Read more

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  • May 12, 2013
  • Customer Service
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My then 83 year old dad fell. He broke his shoulder, collar bone, wrist, femur head and hip. At 6'3 1/2", 260lbs, suffering from COPD and heart issues....that is a big deal. For a year and a half, my dad has slept in a lift chair. The head physical therapist told us my dad really needed to be in a bed and she said he would be able to sleep in a Craftmatic Bed. She assured us, she could get... Read more

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